Lessons to help you fly!


How a Tokyo woman turned a cruel ultimatum into iron-clad strength...a "flight lesson" that will make you stronger as well.

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Sayonara - Kaz (enlarged)


Bali !


Bali Basics
You can become less stressed in a nanosecond by applying this in-flight technique while relaxing in Bali.

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Fly Away!
Task saturation is a current killer in the workplace. Learn 3 quick ways to rise above and prevent it from grounding you.

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Task Saturation Balloon girl! (with text)

Was that (resized)

Better Strap In...
Need to inspire your crew with a truly differentiated approach? Take a peek here to find out how John increases engagement...and elevates your ROI. 

Click here for a "fast ride" speaking demo. Length: 4:08